An efficient content based image retrieval method for retrieving images

Đã xuất bản năm 2012

Tác giả: Nguyễn Hữu Quỳnh
Tạp chí: International journal of innovative computing, information and control
ISSN: 1349-4198
Xếp loại: SCIE
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Quality, efficiency and scalability are the key issues in the design of image retrieval systems for large image databases. Although the quality of image retrieval methods still depends strongly on the application domain, color based retrieval techniques have been shown to be competitive and generally applicable. However, the retrieval algorithms based on color histograms largely ignore spatial information in the matching process. In this paper, we propose a technique to improve the retrieval process by image regions matching. We carried out an experiment on an image database containing 8000 images. The experimental results show that our proposed technique is more effective than the other retrieval techniques such as color histogram based and Color Based Clustering based techniques.

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